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Pedestrian Accidents

Attorneys in Wichita KS Kansas Personal Injury Attorneys Specializing in Pedestrian Accidents Cases

Pedestrian Accidents Attorneys / Personal Injury Lawyers

The state of Kansas has specific laws that protect pedestrians and bike riders from motorists. In most cases, pedestrians and bike riders are given the right of way, and those operating motor vehicles must be aware of their presence at all times. However, there are exceptions to the law that may determine responsibility for the accident when a collision occurs. This may include the color of the crossing light when a pedestrian or biker decides to proceed, and if they are giving traffic enough time to react.

When a pedestrian or bike rider is struck by a careless driver, then they may be entitled to fair compensation for damages.

The result of a vehicle collision can have serious consequences for a pedestrian or bike rider. This may include serious physical and emotional injury, lost wages from work, hospital bills, and even death.

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