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Train & Railroad Accidents

Attorneys in Wichita KS Kansas Personal Injury Attorneys Specializing in Train and Railroad Accident Cases

Kansas Personal Injury Attorneys Specializing in Train and Railroad Accident Cases

Railroad companies are held to very strict safety standards, especially when it comes to railroad crossings. When a collision or catastrophic accident occurs, the results can be devastating.

There are over 250,000 railroad crossings throughout the United States. Railroad companies have the duty to give adequate warning when approaching and passing through a railroad crossing. In accordance with federal law, all trains must be equipped with (and have them turned on) headlights of a specified brightness and horns of a specific loudness standard. State laws usually specify that the train’s horn must be sounded when approaching and crossing any railroad crossing. If adequate warnings are not provided to drivers and pedestrians, and injury or death occurs, they can be found liable for such injuries or fatalities.

Although railroad companies are responsible for providing warning when crossing, they are not responsible for the safety features in place at a crossing. Any alarms, bells, lights or barriers are put in place by federal law. They are managed on a federal level, which means if the safety features are not working or are simply not installed at a certain intersection, the railroad company cannot be held liable for you injuries. Although, you still have the right to hold any responsible parties accountable for your injuries or fatalities.

Some statistics of train accidents include:

  • There are approximately 3,000 train crashes every year.
  • Train passengers have a fatality risk that is 30 times higher than automobile drivers and passengers.
  • Children under the age of sixteen account for almost 35% of all railway crossing accidents injury victims.
  • Approximately 60% of all railroad crossing deaths take place at unprotected crossings.
  • Approximately 80% of all public railroad crossings do not have lights or railroad safety gates.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a railroad accident you have the right and responsibility to hold any negligent parties responsible for your injuries. We invite you to call the experienced Kansas personal injury attorneys at Prochaska, Howell & Prochaska LLC at 800-266-0036 for your free consultation.