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  • This past year, Ryan Prochaska and his Team at Prochaska Law Firm, oversaw a wrongful death lawsuit that was filed by my family, regarding our loss of my mother.  Choosing the right law firm to deal with such a sensitive and important matter to my siblings and I was imperative.  Having never worked with the Prochaska Law Firm before, apprehension and concern in making a right decision weighed heavy on all of our hearts.  During the process of getting to know Ryan and his Team, we immediately recognized their compassion, patience and unmatched professionalism. 

    Being awarded a settlement served as validation that my mother’s death was not without cause or reason and helped prevent others from possibly having to go through the type of loss we experienced and that justice was served.  I would highly recommend the Prochaska Law Firm.

    - Jack Salmans

Highlighted Settlements

The medical malpractice attorneys at PHP Law Firm specialize in handling cases that involve personal injury and wrongful death. Regardless of the cause of injury, we are ready to help you win fair compensation to assist in a full physical, emotional and financial recovery. Our track record for winning considerable settlements for clients speaks for itself. In the last 20 years, we have obtained verdicts and settlements in excess of $75 million. Although the amount of many verdicts are kept confidential for obvious reasons, here are some examples of recent settlements that are not subject to confidentiality:

$6 Million - Delay in performing c-section delivery of baby
$4.4 Million - Doctor without privileges negligently performs neck surgery leading to paralysis
$4.3 Million - Failure to stop Pitocin leads to excessive strong contractions and brain injury in newborn
$4.2 Million - Pitocin caused too many contractions during a pregnancy, which caused brain injury to a client
$4 Million - Failure to diagnose meningitis, which resulted in permanent brain injury to a client
$3.4 Million - Surgeon negligently performs spinal meningocele procedure
$2.8 Million - Bus/car accident leads to slight brain injury in young girl
$2.7 Million - Understaffing of nurses at hospital leads to brain injury of patient
$2.5 Million - Physician fails to properly treat diabetes in young boy leading to brain injury
$2.25 Million - Young girl suffers leg injury in semi-truck and car accident
$2 Million - Pediatric surgeon fails to diagnose spinal tumor in young girl leads to paraplegia
$2 Million - Gall bladder procedure leads to death
$1.6 Million - Delay in performing c-section delivery of baby
$1.5 Million - Delay in performing c-section leads to brain injury
$1.2 Million - Workers comp settlement for worker involved in care accident
$1.3 Million - Store fails to clip glass shelves leading to collapse and injury to customers foot
$965,000 - Neurosurgeon prematurely removes neck brace leading to bone puncture of spinal cord
$965,000 - Surgeon misses spinal hematoma causing partial paralysis
$850,000 - Failure to perform procedure for shoulder dystocia leads to nerve injury of newborn
$800,000 - Failure to diagnose heart attack
$800,000 - Crane operator drops auger on employees foot causing crush injury
$800,000 - Failure to properly diagnose colon cancer
$750,000 - Failure to properly administer anesthesia
$750,000 - Failure to diagnose colon cancer
$750,000 - Against steel plant for dropping a two ton piece of steel on client
$725,000 - Failure to properly diagnose and treat hydrocephalus
$716,000 - Failure to diagnose colon cancer
$600,000 - Failure to properly diagnose cervical cancer
$587,500 - Settlement on behalf of a client who was receiving too much tPA and was hypertensive which led to a stroke and neurologic injuries.
$525,000 - Failure to diagnose respiratory failure and administer life saving measures
$500,000 - Forklift operator causes load of oil pipe to shift crushing employees foot
$500,000 - Failure to diagnose and properly treat pulmonary embolus
$425,000 - Settlement on behalf of a client whose leg wound was mismanaged which led to the loss of the leg.
$425,000 - Negligent removal of tumor leads to partial paralysis
$250,000 - Customer trips over tools left out on garage floor at co-op leading to meniscus tear
$250,000 - Failure to property interpret radiology film in cancer patient
$202,000 - Drunk driver accident
$125,000 - Customer slips on grape at grocery store leading to slight hip fracture
$120,000 - Dump truck driver who cause multi-car accident
$50,000 - Policy limits settlement on behalf of a client who broke her leg in an automobile accident.
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